Rose Bell

Syracuse University

Department of Philosophy

541 Hall of Languages

Syracuse, NY 13244-1170



2021 Ph.D. in Philosophy (Expected)

Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Research Interests: feminism, gender normativity, practical identity, and the self


2014 Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude

East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Johnson City, TN

Double Major: Philosophy and Psychology


Awards and Honors


SWIP-Analytic Annual Graduate Student Essay Prize ($250)

Paper: “Hermeneutical Injustice and Normative Social Roles”

SWIP and the CUNY Graduate Center: April 2020


Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

The Graduate School, Syracuse University: Spring 2020 (standing title)


Full Tuition Scholarship ($25,600/academic year)

Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University, 2016-present


Faculty Choice Outstanding Student Award

Department of Philosophy and Humanities, ETSU: Graduating Class 2014


Student of Distinction Scholarship Award for Academic Achievement ($1000/year)

ETSU: 2012, 2013


Dean’s List

ETSU: 2011, 2011, 2013, 2013, 2014


Research In Progress


Dissertation: On Gender Normativity and Normative Social Roles. Feminist accounts of gender norms are often understood by both sides to be in tension with lived normative experiences of trans and gender-nonconforming people. I explain and defend my view, Traits Ascriptivism, as a theoretically elaborate account of gender norms which draws on metaethics, feminist metaphysics, queer theory, and trans philosophy to respect both feminist concerns and trans and gender-nonconforming lived experience.


Paper: “Inside and Out: Ascriptivism About Gendered Traits.” Under Review.

Paper: “Distorted Identities: Hermeneutical Injustice and Normative Social Roles.” Draft.

Paper: “Authenticity and Gender Norms.” Draft.



Teaching Experience


Teaching Mentor, University-Wide TA Orientation, Syracuse University Graduate School, 2019-present. Competitive position.


Instructor of Record, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University


Summer 2020 Philosophy of Feminism (Online)
Spring 2020 Human Nature
Fall 2019 Philosophy of Feminism
Summer 2019 Philosophy of Feminism (Online)


Teaching Assistant, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University


Spring 2019 Ethics and the Media Professions
Fall 2018 Introduction to Logic
Spring 2018 Introduction to Logic
Fall 2017 Philosophy of Feminism
Spring 2017 Human Nature
Fall 2016 Theories of Knowledge and Reality


Research Presentations

* denotes competitive selection


“It’s Just Science: Thick Concepts and Hermeneutical Injustice.” Accepted for presentation at:

  • * APA Central Meeting, New Orleans, LA, February 2020. (Held virtually)
  • * The Association for Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies 8 (Conference postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19)


“Distorted Identities: Hermeneutical Injustice and Normative Social Roles.” Accepted for presentation at:

  • * APA Eastern Meeting, New York, NY, January 2020. (Held virtually)
  • * Pitt-CMU Annual Graduate Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, March 2020. (Conference postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19.)
  • * Boston University Graduate Conference, Boston, MA, April 2020. (Conference held virtually.)
  • * UT Austin Graduate Conference, Austin, TX, May 2020. (Conference cancelled due to COVID-19.)


“Authenticity and Gender Norms.” Presented at MAP Flash Talks, May 2020. (virtual event)


* “Deciding What to Ask: Marginalization and Metamethod in Philosophy.” Accepted for presentation at CUNY Graduate Conference, April 2020. (Conference cancelled due to COVID-19.)


“Transgressing Normativity: The Metaphysics of Gender-Nonconformity.” Presented at Trans Philosophy Spring Workshop Series, Queens University, Kingston, ON, February 2020.


“Inside and Out: Ascriptivism about Gendered Traits.” Presented at:

  • EQS: Early Queer Scholarship Series, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, October 2019.
  • * MAPWorks (Minorities And Philosophy Spring Workshop Series), Columbia University, Manhattan, NY, April 2019.
  • * Liberating the Future: Concordia GSPA Spring 2019 Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, March 2019.
  • * SWIPShop (Society for Women in Philosophy Workshop), Baruch College, Manhattan, NY, February 2019.


“Gender and Traits.” Presented at Social Ontology 2018, Tufts University, Boston, MA, August 2018.


Bell, R.A., Taylor, D.A., White, C.D., Shi, D., Martin, B.A., & Dula, C.S. “Relationship between Grades, Academic Self-Efficacy, Family Conflict and Church Attendance.” Appalachian Student Research Forum, Johnson City, TN, April 2010. First Place Winner


Taylor, D.A., Bell, R.A., Martin, B.A., & Dula, C.S. “We Wouldn’t Call It ‘Fighting’: The differences in how parents and students view conflict and the effects on grades.” Tennessee Psychological Association, Nashville, TN, November 2009. Third Place Winner


Taylor, D.A., Martin, B.A., Gibson, B.W., Bell, R.A., & Dula, C.S. “Effects of Home Environment Type on Family Conflict and Extracurricular Activities.” Mid-South Psychology Conference, Memphis, TN, February 2010. First Place Winner




Comments on “A Sensibility of Humour,” by Zoe Walker. Syracuse University Philosophy Graduate Conference, Syracuse, NY, August 2020. (Conference held virtually.)


Comments on “The Wrongful Inclusion Problem and Jenkins’s Analysis of Gender Concepts,” by Evan Woods. Syracuse University Philosophy Graduate Conference, Syracuse, NY, March 2017.


Additional Research Experience


Research Associate for the Applied Psychology Laboratory (APL) of ETSU. 2009-2010.

Director: Dr. Christopher S. Dula




2009 Examining the Campus Racial Climate and its Effect on Student Persistence. (TBR Diversity Study.) Dr. Leslie McCallister, project leader. Tennessee higher education institution survey covering topics of diversity and diversity awareness programs.
2009-2010 Gear Up Study. August 2009-May 2010. Desta Taylor, project leader. Longitudinal study of middle- and high-school students from Washington County area of East Tennessee, assessing TV and video game time, family status and home environment, emotional state, and knowledge about higher education.


Professional Responsibilities and Organizations


President, Syracuse University Philosophy Graduate Student Organization, 2020-2021


Organizer, Syracuse Philosophy Women & Gender Minorities Group, 2018-2020


Co-Organizer, Syracuse University Philosophy Graduate Conference, 2017-2018


Activities Coordinator, Syracuse University Philosophy Graduate Students, 2017-present


Member, International Social Ontology Society, 2018-present


Member, American Philosophical Association, 2019-present


Member, Aristotelian Society for the Systematic Study of Philosophy, 2020-present



Dr. Hille Paakkunainen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University


Dr. Kara Richardson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University


Dr. Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University


Dr. Janice Dowell, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University


Dr. Michael Rieppel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University